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Santa Monica

Get to know the soul of Santa Monica

Santa Monica bridges the gap between the idyllic beach communities of Southern California and the exciting urban centers full of adventure, art, and flair. The most hipster of Los Angeles's neighbors, it's a beach town with activities for all ages. The Third Street Promenade is a great place to go shopping, eat, and people watching. Ride the glistening Ferris wheel in Pacific Park and take in the sights of the Santa Monica Pier and beyond.

Pico Boulevard has many galleries and farmer's markets worth checking out. Experience the buzz of Montana Avenue or Main Street. The laid-back surf culture that Santa Monica Bay can only find can be found right beside Santa Monica's posh hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. Just come and see for yourself.

Santa Monica Housing Market Trends

What is the housing market like in Brentwood today?
The Santa Monica housing market is somewhat competitive. Homes in Santa Monica receive 3 offers on average and sell in around 58 days. The median sale price of a home in Santa Monica was $2.0M last month, up 21.5% since last year. The median sale price per square foot in Santa Monica is $1.1K, up 5.1% since last year.

How hot is the Brentwood housing market? 
Santa Monica is somewhat competitive. Homes sell in 58 days.

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THINGS TO DO IN Santa Monica

The Top Attractions in Santa Monica, California

The Santa Monica Pier

Do you wish to land at Santa Monica's most well-known attraction? After that, you should visit Santa Monica Pier for serious walking. This landmark on the bay is more than a scenic spot since it is at the end of the historic Route 66. It also has many great things that the whole family can enjoy.

Pacific Park

Have you ever visited a pier park? If not, then a visit to Pacific Park is in order. This two-acre coastal amusement park on the famous Santa Monica Pier is a massive hit with guests of all ages.

Palisades Park

In search of a park with breathtaking vistas? Then it would help if you went for a stroll through Palisades Park. This 1.6-mile-long oasis, one of Santa Monica's most recognizable features, spans along a bluff above the city's beach.

A Walk at Tongva Park

Are you ready for a lively reimagining of "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell? Then, Tongva Park is worth a visit. What was formerly a parking lot is now a lush green area where you can relax and enjoy the weather. Put this on your "must-see" list since it's a hidden gem.

Santa Monica State Beach

Are you interested in visiting the Baywatch-famous location? Santa Monica State Beach is a must-see in Southern California, so schedule some time there. Santa Monica is a seaside jewel stretching 3.5 miles along Pacific Coast Highway and has the world-famous Santa Monica Pier.


A mansion in Santa Monica typically stands out due to its sheer size, opulent features, and prime location. These properties are often expansive, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, large living areas, and extensive outdoor spaces. Mansions often boast luxury amenities like private pools, home theaters, wine cellars, and spacious guest quarters. They are designed to provide a lavish and comfortable lifestyle, offering ample space for both living and entertaining.

Santa Monica boasts several neighborhoods known for their luxury real estate, making it an attractive destination for mansion buyers. The North of Montana Avenue neighborhood is renowned for its tree-lined streets and upscale mansions, offering a quiet and upscale atmosphere. The Ocean Avenue corridor provides stunning ocean views and easy access to the beach. The Palisades neighborhood is another coveted area, featuring luxury mansions with ocean vistas.

Santa Monica's luxury real estate market was robust, with strong demand for mansions and upscale properties. The city's proximity to the Pacific Ocean, cultural attractions, and a thriving tech industry had contributed to its desirability. Prices for mansions in prime locations like North of Montana Avenue and Ocean Avenue were competitive, reflecting the exclusivity of these areas.

However, real estate markets can evolve, and conditions may have changed since my last update. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on Santa Monica's mansion market, I recommend consulting with a local real estate expert who can provide insights into current market trends, pricing, and inventory.

Buyers interested in purchasing a mansion in Santa Monica should consider several factors. First and foremost, it's essential to determine their budget and priorities. Mansions vary significantly in size, style, and amenities, so having clear criteria can help narrow down options.

Additionally, buyers should review the property's condition and any renovation or maintenance needs. Some mansions may require updates or repairs, so a thorough inspection is advisable. Understanding the local real estate market and working with an experienced real estate agent can also help buyers make informed decisions.

Living in a Santa Monica mansion offers a luxurious and enviable lifestyle. Residents enjoy the city's mild climate, beautiful beaches, and access to outdoor activities like biking, surfing, and beachfront jogging. The proximity to cultural attractions, upscale dining, and high-end shopping adds to the allure of the lifestyle.

Many mansion properties in Santa Monica are designed for entertaining, featuring spacious outdoor areas, poolside lounges, and well-appointed kitchens. This makes them ideal for hosting events and gatherings. The city's commitment to sustainability and green living aligns with the eco-conscious values of many residents.

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